The Trend Of The Summer Is Balloon Sleeves: Buy Or Leave?

Balloon sleeves are the trend of the summer! But who are they good for? Is it worth buying a garment with puffed sleeves? Let’s see together the coolest models, how to combine them and find out if they are right for you! Fashion and the hunt for the latest trends have been part of my daily life for a long time now: they are a passion! Over the years, however, in the face of every new trend I have learned to ask myself the fateful question: is it reciprocated love?

Fashion should not be accepted passively

In addition to understanding how to adapt the latest trend to your personal style, it is also important to understand if it is suitable for us, in every respect: from personality, to the type of life we ​​lead and… to our physicality!

Asking the right questions before a new purchase led by our most fashion victim side is essential to avoid inevitable flops and consequent semi-new clothes hanging in the wardrobe, sometimes still with the label on.

Ask yourself: “Does this garment look like me? Does he tell something about my style, my personality? ” is among the most important questions, especially if you want fashion and the various looks you wear to play in your favor, as the psychology of fashion teaches us. But it is also very important to understand your own physicality and accept its advantages and disadvantages!

Puff sleeves are undoubtedly a trend on the rise for this summer, but do they really fit everyone or are there exceptions? Let’s find out right away.

The balloon sleeves are romantic, feminine and can be noticed with elegance, if combined in a clever way. They like it so much because they know how to give character to any outfit, whether it’s tops, blouses or dresses.

The trend of puff or balloon sleeves focuses all the attention on the upper part of the body and in particular obviously on the shoulders. This makes dresses and tops with this kind of sleeves particularly ideal on pear or triangle shapes.

So who are they really good for?

Those with this body shape tend to have lean legs from the knee down, with more fat accumulation on the thighs, buttocks and hips; the waist is usually quite marked and the breasts are not abundant. The balloon sleeves in this case are very useful to rebalance the upper part of the figure! They can also play in favor of those who see themselves in the “rectangle” shape: this type of sleeve, perhaps combined with a belt at the waist, can help simulate absent curves.

Not recommended, at least in their more marked version, for those with broad shoulders (inverted triangle). Be careful even if you have really very prosperous breasts: the risk is to excessively draw attention to the upper part of the body for an overall not very harmonious final result.

How to combine balloon sleeves?

  1. Mix & Chic

As this is a very romantic trend, it is ideal to mix it with stronger garments, both in terms of material – for example, eco-leather – and in terms of shape – clear and structured cuts are what you are looking for

  1. Glam vibe

If you’ve opted for a balloon-sleeved dress, pair it with a high-waisted belt, a simple heeled sandal, and pull your hair up in a high ponytail or chignon, leaving room for a pair of chandelier earrings. Perfect look for an evening event or cocktail party!

  1. Casual

If you prefer less demanding looks, opt for a top or a blouse with balloon sleeves, to be combined with jeans, trousers or shorts and mules or flat sandals.

When to wear them?

If you have chosen the top and its casual look, you can wear them at any time, without problems: they will make you more feminine without too much effort. However, being very scenic on the dresses, it is advisable to use them for events, evenings and cocktail parties . Do not underestimate their power in relationships with others: the more structured they are, the more they make you more impressive and visible, giving prominence to your figure: not for nothing they come from the 80s, a period in which women began to make their voices heard, to work, to have a much more active role in society. And this was also told and emphasized through very targeted clothing choices!

So take advantage of this kind of sleeves if you want to stand out among many, get noticed and leave your mark . For these reasons they are also suitable if you are shy, but would like to show more character and not do upholstery: they will give you more security and if you have always felt a little invisible … you will definitely stop being that!

By kazim kabir

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