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It is, without a doubt, irritating when you can’t see the big picture on Instagram! followers on Instagram And it’s even more frustrating whilst you can’t find the solution. Don’t worry; we’ve got you included. To view the full-size photo, go to the user’s Instagram profile and open the image you need to look at in complete length. Now click on the address bar and add /media/?Length=l to the URL’s give up, and voila!

Many pictures on Instagram don’t look as amazing as the original ones. This is because Instagram only lets in the image size of 1080x1350px. If the uploaded photograph is below this length, Instagram will mechanically amplify the photo, making it 1080x1350px. However, if the resolution of the uploaded image is better than the desired one, Instagram will compress the image and resize it for you.

Ultimately, all of these methods simply destroy the great of pix. we’ve got an answer for it! In this text, we will describe how you could go with ease open Instagram snapshots and profile images in total size with all their glory. So, allow’s get in.

How To See Full-Size Photos On Instagram

Most Instagram customers browse the timeline thru the utility, but unfortunately, you can’t view enormous pictures at the utility. Instead, you can use your computer or cell browser for this act. The method for viewing photos is enormous on cellular and PC is equal, so right here we are dropping the stairs.

  • Open your browser and locate Instagram’s internet site. Now input your account credentials.
  • Since you can’t directly open the photograph from your feed, head over to the user’s profile and pick your preferred photograph, you need to view it in finished size.
  • At the pinnacle, you can see the URL of this image. Now upload media/?Length=l on the give up of the picture’s URL to view it in big or full size.
  • Now press Enter, and here’s your big photo!
  • You can now, in reality, store this complete-sized photograph using right-clicking on it.
  • Hit “Save image as”, and also, you’re executed!

How To Open Full-Size Instagram Profile Pictures On PC

Now that we have already realised approximately the beginning, our favourite photos on Instagram are huge; what about the profile image? We understand that Instagram best lets us peer profile images of our friends and others in cropped, circular versions. Even if you faucet on the profile photo, you’ll most effective be able to see the user’s stories. What if we let you know that you could see other users’ profile snapshots in massive? Here’s how you can do it: click here


This website works for all styles of Instagram bills, personal or public. If you may see the substantial photo, the person can also have uploaded the profile photo in low resolution. If you use Android or iOS, you can fast get your hands on the user’s full-sized profile pictures. Let’s now not speak an excessive amount and directly dive into the stairs:

Go to the play save or App Store and download the Queek app.

Open the Queek application for your device and enter the account username you need to sneak the profile photo. Now tap at the circular image to get the full-sized photo of a profile picture. Similar to the PC answer, this application works for kinds of Instagram accounts, non-public and public.

Final Words

Whether you need to see a photograph in tremendous or locate it worth downloading the picture with excessive quality, you are now acquainted with this smooth peasy technique! The browser technique is extra convenient as it is approximately viewing the profile photo insignificant. However, if you suppose viewing profile snapshots within the software is worth the money, you may also move for the Queek app alternative. Ultimately, all of this process just destroys the quality of images. Luckily we have a solution for it! In this article, we will describe how you can conveniently open Instagram photos and profile photos in full size with all their glory. 

This website works for all kinds of Instagram accounts, whether private or public. If you can’t see the full-size image, the user may have uploaded the profile picture in low resolution.


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