How to set up a company intranet?

Keeping pace with compliance and risk management is a key objective for financial institutions, and the evolving nature of these processes presents an ongoing challenge. Building a culture that encourages policy learning and awareness helps ensure employees are aligned so they follow compliance procedures. It also enables employees to better identify and assess risks.

How do you achieve a compliance and risk management culture?

A Online Intranet Software can be a valuable tool for implementing an internal communication strategy.

Instilling an effective internal communication strategy into the corporate culture through the corporate intranet starts with the top management. Executive leadership needs to build a culture that treats ethics and compliance as a critical part of every employee’s job, not just the job of risk managers and compliance officers. The value of compliance must not only be communicated top-down, but must also be modeled in their day-to-day behavior. When leaders practice the ethical behavior they expect others to do, they set the best example for their employees.

Use your intranet to promote a culture of compliance and risk management

Your financial institution’s intranet can promote your compliance awareness and education culture, while also encouraging better compliance management and tracking. intranet is the repository for all information and important activities happening in the workplace, making it the ideal place for all your policies and procedures. Publish them on your intranet so everyone who needs to know can easily access the information. When you need to change policies or procedures, notify everyone on the intranet of these changes.

The intranet also includes a robust ticketing system that employees who encounter incidents can use to report. As your financial institution ensures that communications about events are conducted securely throughout the organization, the process makes employees feel safe and protected.

You can also use the blogging feature to keep communication open on your intranet. Blogging about compliance and why it matters is a proven way to share the latest information with employees. Delivered through your corporate tone, these blog posts can give employees confidence in the quality of information, strengthen the culture of your organization, and keep lines of communication open.

Intranet as a security tool

When you move content through a policy management workflow, make sure every employee who needs to read and approve important content does so, asking them to accept the notification with a read confirmation. By requiring this confirmation, you also add a layer of security that the right person is reading the right message at the right time. It gives employees peace of mind knowing they are operating within regulatory guidelines.

It’s a quick and visible way to share important changes with employees. Encourage your team to check your homepage frequently (at least daily) to stay informed of important policy changes, program updates, and educational events as required by law.

The Power of the Intranet: Activated Culture intranet can be used to build a compliance culture, but once in place, it must be maintained. This is where engagement, alignment and activation come together.

Here are some ways to engage your employees in a compliance and risk management culture:

    Recognize their contributions. Tie compliance with your reward or incentive program. Acknowledging employees who pointed out risky events.

    Create forums to initiate conversations to address issues and find solutions, showing your employees that you take compliance seriously.

    Set up secrets manager pages with controlled access to address compliance issues.

    Reward employees for providing innovative ideas designed to help improve organizational performance and support culture. intranet can improve internal communication across the organization, thereby encouraging employee engagement. .When you use your intranet to build and maintain a consistent culture of compliance and risk management among your employees, you help ensure your financial institution is safe, sound and successful.


Perceive their commitments. Attach consistence with your award or motivator program. Recognizing representatives who called attention to dangerous occasions.

Make gatherings to start discussions to resolve issues and find arrangements, showing your workers that you treat consistence in a serious way.

Set up mysteries administrator pages with controlled admittance to address consistence issues.
Reward workers for giving inventive thoughts intended to assist with working on authoritative execution and backing culture intranet can work on inward correspondence across the association, consequently uplifting representative commitment. .At the point when you utilize your intranet to fabricate and keep a predictable culture of consistence and chance administration among your representatives, you assist with guaranteeing your monetary foundation is protected, sound and fruitful.

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