A Purchasing Guide for Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite Engagement Rings

The mineral moissanite is named after the French scientist Henri Moissan, who is widely acknowledged as the discoverer of silicon carbide in crystalline form. When compared to other gemstones, such as diamonds, moissanite shines brighter. Moissanite is a star-made gemstone, as its name suggests.

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In comparison to diamonds, the major difference in cost between moissanite and diamonds is negligible. Although diamonds are more often thought of as April’s birthstone, moissanite is a beautiful alternative. If you are looking for moissanite promise ring, you can check out Momentwish.

History and Mythology

Due to its rarity and its discovery in a meteorite, moissanite has earned the moniker “gemstone born from the stars” and is highly regarded for its lasting brilliance.

Qualitative Components

Moissanite gets its brilliance mostly from its dispersion, or its ability to throw light. As a result of its lower cost and greater availability, moissanite has surpassed genuine diamonds as the most sought-after diamond substitute.

Mohs hardness of 9 and excellent resistance to cracking, chipping, and scratching make moissanite a popular choice for everyday usage. If it is of high enough quality, moissanite will radiate with a brilliant light. You can find out the best moissanite rings at MomentWish Jewelry.


Smaller stones may seem practically colourless, despite the fact that classic moissanite does have a little yellowish hue. Large moissanites, defined as those with a carat weight of half a carat or more or a diameter of more than five millimetres, are thus favoured.

Diamonds of D, E, or F hue (which are used by Diamondère in their Super Premium grade) exhibit a lustre similar to that of high-quality Moissanites (which are some of the finest diamonds known to mankind).

Modifications and heating

Although moissanite does not disintegrate at high temperatures, its colour may be changed by heating it. It may be dyed to almost any colour you like and comes in a variety of green tones as well as a colourless alternative.

A gemstone’s cut quality is crucial. A little fraction of the incoming light is reflected back by the stone. If light is allowed to leak out the rear, the stone will seem dark and lifeless. Because it has so few inclusions, moissanite is not only one of the most forgiving gemstones to shape, but also one of the hardest. Since it does not crack in the usual places, Moissanite may be cut cleanly and accurately with little waste. A well-cut moissanite gemstone sparkles and shines with all the intensity of a diamond.

Appealing splendour and superior ability

Almost all gemstones include inclusions. Commonly seen in moissanite are tiny, see-through inclusions that resemble pipes. Inclusions in a gemstone detract from its value.

A Moissanite that weighs one carat has the highest fire, most brilliant colour, and sharpest clarity. Also, it can be acquired for a lot less money than a diamond would set you back. If you’re looking for a large carat weight gemstone for jewellery, but don’t want to break the bank, consider a womens moissanite rings.


Since real moissanite is so difficult to come by, synthetic alternatives have mostly taken its place.

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